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Syimah Sabtu

Dance Artist | Choreographer

Syimah Sabtu is a Dance Artist and Choreographer from Singapore.

She is currently a Core Associate with P7:1SMA Ltd and an associate member with Dance Nucleus.


She has a Diploma in Theatre and Arts Management (2015) from Republic Polytechnic, and a Diploma in Dance (2018) from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.


Syimah’s practice derives from Contemporary Dance and her early years as a Malay Folk Dancer under the tutelage of her Mom, Sabariyah Salamat and Kamel Ridzuan from Perkumpulan Seni, Cairnhill Singapore. Beyond her training and techniques, she focuses on internally examining 'The Body' before, during and after each process.


She believes that bodies are vessels for an exchange of information, and how we manage this flow is determined by how we react and respond to our surroundings. She encourages improvisation and exploration in her practice and not to be bound by a specific genre.


She has worked with choreographers such as Cultural Medallion Recipient Mdm Goh Lay Kuan and Mdm Lim Fei Shen. Young Artists Awardee, Norhaizad Adam and Lee Mun Wai, and local choreographer, Hasyimah Harith. International choreographers such as Ezekiel Oliveira and Martín Piliponsky. She has also performed works by Noor Effendy Ibrahim and Rizman Putra.


She was awarded the Arts & Cultural Award by Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan in 2016 & 2017,

the Merit Award by Tan Chin Tuan Foundation in 2018 and Cultural & Development Grant by National Arts Council in 2019.


Her works was presented at M1 Contact Contemporary Dance Festival, Singapore 2019 and Dance Bridge Festival in Kolkata, India 2019. Her upcoming work will be presented at The Esplanade Singapore in Co. Lab. Asians 2021.

Syimah Sabtu
What a journey it has been. This work ha
Belon by P7:1SMA 
Choreographed by Norha
Syimah Sabtu
Dek Hujan by P7:1SMA. Commissioned by Th
Title: Innocent Until Proven Guilty (1)
most patriotic // A Choreographic Respon
Syimah Sabtu
Syimah Sabtu
The Path To Revival. 
A Documentary Film
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